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The good old caterign technology, the sous vide cooking (under vacuum) now available for everyone! At this pages, we try to collect bunch of informations about sous vide: recipes, informations, cooking techniques, tricks, tips. Hope, ysou find this page useful, and sharte to your friends!

good luck for sous vide -ing, reading articles!

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15 Aug 2016 09:56
Tonkabeans and vanilla cream with caramel made in sous vide bath

Can be enhanced by the vanilla cream? Yes! With some grated tonkabeans, vanilla and caramel. Only requires [ ... ]

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03 Sep 2015 09:37
Travelling through the icelandic gastronomy: The steam bread

So many countries, so many customs. Most European countries baked the bread in oven, thus obtaining the [ ... ]

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17 Aug 2015 10:50
Delicious falafel, prepared with sous vide machine!

If you like the middle - eastern cousines, you may love this delicious, and easy to prepare falafel recipe! [ ... ]

Recipes with photos
13 Aug 2015 09:56
Cold reserved eggplant creamy soup, only 30 minutes!

The eggplant are lacks many of the kitchen, but why? You can be create varied and delicious dishes from [ ... ]

Recipes with photos
01 Aug 2015 10:54
Piquant tomato soup, only in half an hour!

Go beyond the flour tasted, suffocating tomatosoup. The following recipe offers an alternative, and I [ ... ]

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20 Jul 2015 22:00
Is this possible?!?! Cheese cake, without baking?

Have you ever thinking about that it wolud be nice to make some cake, without baking? How much would [ ... ]

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13 Jul 2015 13:52
Corn on the cob, made with sous vide

On the waterfront of Lake Balaton they were always a loud bikers whose whose shouting aloud to the German [ ... ]

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08 Jul 2015 21:44
Light and easy to prepare lunch: roasted chicken breast with zucchini sauce

A grilled chicken breast has a big drawback: it is dries quickly and it will be like a shoe sole. However, [ ... ]

Recipes with photos
03 Jul 2015 09:32
Spain's summer chest: the gazpacho

Again, here are the intens heat, who want to be cooking in the kitchen? The best solution now a fast made [ ... ]

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