Everything about Sous Vide, that you never dare to ask!

Sous vide is a french word, it means: under vacuum

The sous vide technology much more, than this! It's a special kitchen technology, where the be cooked / be fried ingredients packed in vacuum bag, and cooked much lower temperatures and much longer than the usual time.

Centuries ago, people realized that the air isolated meat is much tastier, and moisture than the fired. This was later followed by confiture, which today has become fashionable again. The cook placed the meats into fat, and baked relatively low temperature until the meat structure has changed significantly. But not only can be thus prepared meats, vegetables can thus be steamed, but for low temperature cooking jams we can produce.

But now turn back to the sous vide, the cooking technology. In particular we sou vide bag (or bottle) of raw materials, evacuated, and then immersed in a water bath. The temperature of the sous vide machine baths keeps always exactly the temperature that we needed.

Why we evacuated?

There are several reasons! First, the moisture which evaporates under normal baking, staying in the package, and constitute a kind of meat cook around, and water from the outside of the meat around the packets generated moisture and heat flux more uniform than if we cooking in vessel! On the other hand, cooking does not want to be exposed to direct contact with water provision. To direct water when cooking a lot of valuable minerals and flavor into the cooking is near, which is the case broth is good, but in other cases as a loss to be reckoned with! And perhaps the most important reason why we cook the vacuum that the aerobic bacteria, which are required for the replication of the air, they can not reproduce, so the finished dish can be stored for a long time if it had not been opened!

Why the low temperature?

As a way of meats / vegetables less damaged cell structures, their texture is maintained, the flavors "smoother" will be, and last but not least, thanks to the lower temperature of the cooked material remains in most of the moisture.

Important !!! Such cooking process to comply with the temperature and the relative proportion of correct cooking time is very important! In case of cooked improperly handled and / or inadequate temperature or too short a serious bacterial infection of meat can get!

What tools will need to start sou vide cooking?

  • Larger size bowl (steel, or plastic, but must be heat resistant). If it has a roof, which can be covered, is more perfect!
  • Sous vide machine, which heats water and flow continuously the water in the vessel 
  • Sealable bag (usee only recomended for cooking plastic bag), or well - sealed jar
  • Sealable glass container


  • Sealer machine
  • Core thermometer
  • Kitchen torch
  • Cutting board
  • Meat knife

If you have (almost) of these exists, then there is nothing else like start the sous vide cooking.

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