Rules which necessary to observe, when you cook with vacuum bags

  • To say neither is needed, that the most important one the fresh meat from reliable butchers / shops. The meat that frozed very long time, DON'T want to sous vide! Do not sous vide the thawed and refreezed meats. In this cases, the surface of the meat contains lot of bacterias and microbes, what proliferate quickly when you badly choose the temperatureor he cooking time. Always be careful, because the Clostridium botulinum bacteria "flattened" any of the meats and it produces a neurotoxin which very poisoning, and can cause paralysis or death!
  • Wash carefully and disinfect all the cutting buards, knifes and other kitchen tools, which you processed the meats. Do not use the knife for vegetables, cheese, and any other kitchen stock, when previously you cut the meat with that knife.
  • Use just only bags, which recommended by the manufacturer for sous vide. Worth slightly expensive bag to buy, because low-grade bags may puncture, shrink, or may emit hazardous chemicals due to heat.
  • check the vacuum in the bag, when you vacuuming the meat, vegetables or the fruits, may not contains any air bubbles, If it contains too much air bubbles, will not be sinking into the water, and ideal places for the aerob bacterias to replicate. Because the air difficult to conduct the heat, such as water!
  • Always follow the recipes cooking time and temperature value when you cook the meat. Shorten time, or lower temperature may help the bacterias to proliferate rapidly!

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