Why cook sous vide?

 This is the first question in most people, when it proposes a fierce believer in sous vide technology. There are millions of answers to this question, I will try to summarize the most common ones!



  • Perfectly cooked meat: The oven dishes meat inner and outer core temperature is significantly different. If we roasting a larger and thicker / denser meat then its internal temperature reaches the proper cooking temperature much later. If the meat was taken out when the surface is "just looks good", the internal part is not yet baked properly. If it is taken out when the inner part is properly baked through, it will be the outer parts are burned! With the sous vide this temperature is almost the same, because, due to the slow cooking can take over the temperature evenly throughout the meat, due to the low temperature while the outside of the meat will not worries about burning. The meat will not dry out, because the vapour can't escapte from the bag.
  • No dry out the: As i described previously, the vapour can't escape from the bag, so, the meat cooked in it's own juice. We don't need to add any moisture, like broth, wine. We can enhance the flavoures with a small amount of oli, fat, or butter. Looks much better the cooked and roasted chicken breast, which is moisture when pressed with a fork than the one that is completely dry and stringy!
  • Intense falvoures: The sealed bag of meat does not lose the moisture and thanks to the low temperatures do not head out the precious flavors. For this reason, much less spices necessary for cooking, so the true flavor of the dish feel they can suppress the spices!
  • Beautiful textures: It's nottrivial, but the food texture made the meal more prefereable, and enhance the gastronomical value! Nobody like a brown, burned meat, than a nicely cooked meat. Pink in the middle steam is much apetizing, than a uniforming brown! But the same can be said that the surface of cooked carrots which slightly slimy and dull, but the  the sous vide version texture remain raw and the color are vivid orange. These are just a few examples, but also millions of things could be listed here!
  • Fats in the meat will not be burned out: Many people do not know how one affects the taste of pork fat in it. And so it is! If we put the meat to high temperatures, these fats "flow out" and gather the bottom of the pan. Of course, the cooling of high-fat snack bread with onions, but why do we let be lost if sous vide were posted inside can keep! Due to the relatively low temperature range until a small portion of the fat melts, so that the food is much juicier, tastier be!
  • The tried and tested recipe reproducible: Due to the precise set temperature is almost always get the same result. The sous vide at only affect the quality of the meat cooking time and temperature will always be exactly the same!
  • Fast serving: In the sous vide prepared meats do not need to be heated again (it's not dry out), you only need to bake it in a layer of dust bag, and you're reserved. When visitors come to time, it is much easier to prepare and serve it fresh everything, because the meat will definitely be ready by then, when the guests promise. You do not have to wait for the meat, and do not need to be heated again, if that's cold!
  • Stored for longer periods of food: The vacuum bag, which prevents the bacteria to proliferate, which need oxygen. Continuous maintenance is pasteurized at a temperature of the meat, that reduce the number of germs to minimum. The fast cooling (which is very important at the end of the sous vide process) is also reason to be. The airtight bag in the refrigerator is more stable for the finished dish, of course without opening!
photo source: chefsteps.com

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