Everything about soaking in brine. Why we need to use it?

The salt is the most important additives for thousands of years since people spice the meals. Used to improve the flavor of dishes, for food preservation and also for decoration! Salt has a dehydrating effect, but in some cases this can be paid for our own advantage. This property can be used in the preparation of poultry.

Put the poultry to 8 - 10 percentage  alted water, and the poultry meat loss of water after insert, but while entering through the membranes cells the brine, alters the cell structure. Such meat soaked in brine matter how incredible, but it can hold more moisture during cooking than not soaked meat.

How to make a saline, and how long to soaking poultry?

For 8% saline dissolve 8 dkg of salt in 1 litres of water, for 10% make the same one with 10 dkg of salt. When the salt totally dissolved, put the washed fowl into saline for 6 - 24 hours. The salt cuts water in the course of the relatively long time (like this conceivable, that there will be more water in the dish, than when put) from the meat, and salt gets between the cells.

Take out the meats after the expiration of the soaking time, pour out the salty water, then put onto 1 hours into clean water the meat. Important, that we exchange the water occasionally! At this time diffused salt sucks up water inside the cell with osmosis through the cell walls, the moistness accumulates in the cells so.

The prepared fowl meat withdraw it from the water then, and through 1.5 hours cook in the sous vide bath 65 °C (~150 F)!

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