What can we do, if we haven't sous vide machine?

It's a pleasure for me to report You, that there's a solution! 

Attention! User your own risk the solution below!

One better quality electric oven will do the job! Do not expect the same result as a professional sous vide machine, but you can achieved similary good result, i guarantee! :)

 What do you need?

  • A larger metal vessel, no combustive coating it.(and the grip also made of metal)
  • Plast bag, which not contains BPA (Bisfenol - A) and EA (estrogenic activity)
  • Convention electric oven
  • Meats and spices
  • Salt and water for saline
  • metal nipper
  • aluminium foil
  • Thermometer (core thermometer is better)

The principle is very simple, the realisation more difficult! First, put the meat into saline az described here. After when the meat done, wipe off the moisture, and spice it. Put the spiced meat into the plast bag, but don't close it, will be later. Fill the metal vessel with (hot) water, approximately three-quarters. Slowly let the bag into the water. The pressure of the water press out the air from the bag, and the bag sides rtensioned to the meat. Almost the same result achieved as if the bag would vacuumed. Whe the water reached the opening of the bag, carefully close the bag with plast. Fix the bag to the vessel with metal nipper.

If possible, use pre heated water (60 - 65 °C (135 - 150 F)).

Set the temperature of electric oven to 70 °C (158 F), and switch the convention on. Check the temperature with thermometer. When the temperature reached the desired value, put the vessel into the oven, and check 10 - 15 minutes the temperature of the water. If the temperature going hige, open the door of the oven, when going down, close the door. Cook the meat roughly 1 hour.

When time is over, carefully remove the bag from the water, open the bag, and remove the meat. Heat up a frying pan to 180 °C (356 F), and roast the meat sides 2 - 4 minutes.

Bon apetite!

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