I've got a freshly milked milk, what can i do with that? Pasteurize with sous vide!

I've got a freshly milked milk, what can i do with that? The freshly milked milk go sour very quickly that if you do not kill off the bacteria in it!

If you have a sous vie machine, this question can not be! Pour the milk into ziplock bag, plastic container or milk glass, and drop it to the sous vide bath! Set the temperature as follows, and if the temperature reached the desired value,put the container in the bath.

  • 62 - 65 °C (140 - 150 F) and 30 minutes, this is the slow pasteurization
  • 72 - 76 °C (162 - 170 F) and 10 minutes, this is the fast pasteurazation

When you remove from the bath, inmediatelly cold down, for example put the container into ice bath, or put it in the freezer.

There exist an ultra fast pasteurization, but you can't do it at home!

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