Corn on the cob, made with sous vide

On the waterfront of Lake Balaton they were always a loud bikers whose whose shouting aloud to the German tourist: MAIS BITTE! MAIS BITTE! The cars contains steaming freshly brewed corn on the cob that mandatory sprinkling with salt, and braver still could request it with butter.

Főtt kukorica sous vide -ben főzve

What the secret of the cooked corn, why everybody loves it? The answer is simple! The small yellow corn cores containings lot of starch, which it is converted into sugar during cooking, and almost blasts into the mouths when you bit it. High in fiber and carbohydrate content. You can quickly get energy from it, and of course a sweet corn taste delicious! Those who are not fans of the salt - sweet pairing, salt thoroughly before eating!

If you are prepared with sous-vide machine, it is guaranteed to remain crisp and sweet, but it will not be hard! A vacuum bag can be inserted into the fridge for later, and remains perfect taste and texture even after a few days! The addition of extra butter diffuses through the thin membrane and the taste will be even greater!

Ingredients for 4 persones

  • 4 sweet corn
  • 100 g unsalted butter
  • small amount of kosher salt

Cooking instructions

Peel the tubes, remove the "thin hairs" from the surface. Set the sous-vide machine, on 84 ° C (183 F). Place the cobs in a vacuum bag, add a little butter, then vaacum. Cook for 45 minutes. When you're done, right away, serve hot. If you want to eat later, put into ice water immediately, and when cooled down, place it to the refrigerator (it will be fresh about 4 - 5 days).

Gourmets add a dose of butter, or smoked paprika powder or barbecue spice mixtures to it for better taste.


Place the prepared corn over a very high heat barbecue for 2 minutes, it will be nice smoky flavor!

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