A boiled egg for breakfast? Here's the recipe for the perfect soft-boiled egg.

Like everyone, I have began my sous vide adventure with the perfect boiled egg. That's true, the first experiment attempt went wrong, and has been prepared almost inedible mess. Neither the consistency-, and the taste also so terrible, not as I'd first imagined, and I have seen some video before.

Why was it unsuccessful? I tell You shortly, but before, a little history!



The idea of perfect soft-boiled egg came from Miklós Kürti, who was a physics. He discovered that 64,5 ºC (148 F) is the temperature, where the whites of the egg is precipitated, while his yolk needs a taller temperature. Kürti was the inventor of the modern molecular gastronomy!

It doesn't seem too complicated, but it is achieved scant results, if you do not pay attention to a few things (and soon You will see my wrong steps!).

  • Carefully place the eggs into the water heated from 65 °C (150 F) respectively (pasta troley or spoon)
  • The eggs should be fresh and of course good quality, preferably speckled hens, or if you are lucky, you can buy a duck eggs
  • The eggs should be thoroughly cleaned
  • Be sure to observe the 45 - 60 minute time

I messed up there, that the egg was more than a week old, and i'm too excited, can't wait 50 minute, and the temperature of the water was 23 ºC when i put it the eggs. And at last, i cooled the egg with cold water immediately in my impatience.

The result was terrible!

So, here's the right way: lets get 2 - 4 fresh chicken or duck eggs, heat the sous vide machine to 65 °C (150 F), then insert the eggs carefully. After 45 - 60 minutes, remove the eggs and wait 5 - 6 minutes for chiling a little bit. Next, in the middle of the egg gently knock the blunt side of the knife. If everything is all right, You can break the egg and pour out. Place the egg shell content on a plate, or toast.



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